open class SensorSourceController : Controller

Manages a set of registered Sensors and provides a source for both Sensors and Sensor-related objects.

This controller is designed to be used by a server as a counterpart of a SensorObserverController.

You can either register the Sensors manually by calling registerSensor method or do it automatically from the controller options by defining your Sensors in a SensorDefinition array given in the sensors option of the controller.

SensorSourceController also takes some other options (they all default to false):

  • ignoreSensorDiscoverEvents: Ignores received discover events for registered sensors.
  • ignoreSensorQueryEvents: Ignores received query events for registered sensors.
  • skipSensorAdvertise: Does not advertise a sensor when registered.
  • skipSensorDeadvertise: Does not deadvertise a sensor when unregistered.

Overridden lifecycle methods.